ACE Open is always on the lookout for enthusiastic and motivated volunteers. Our volunteers program offers you a chance to gain valuable experience in a contemporary art environment. Volunteers assist with gallery invigilation, front of house duties and public programs.

The ACE volunteers program is open to anyone over the age of 18 who is passionate about contemporary art. Whether you’re a student, artist or arts lover, if you have one free day per fortnight to volunteer your time we’d like to hear from you. Apply now

If you have any questions regarding volunteering at ACE please contact or 08 8211 7505.

Current volunteers

Eliza Abejo, Kylie Anh So Diep, Ralph Body, Alice Castello,  Neville Cichon, Nix Herriot, Lauren Hesselschwerdt, Michael Heir, Franklin Holfield, Angelique Joy, Olivia Kathigitis, Karthik KV, Melissa Little, Jessica Martin, Kassandra Mckenzie, Miriam Sims, Dave Smith

Previous volunteers

Stephanie Ackland, Sara Al Masany, Angelica Chen, Tanaka Chikwati, Darren Cook, Jade Elliot, Olivia Kubiak, Steven Lang, Michael Lipczyk, Mike Moore, Carrie Munn, Anh Nguyen, Maggie O’Moore, Aditya Pulsakar, Jessica Ralph, Mary Ann Santin, Saskia Scott, Jenny Wu