From 1964 until 2016, the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia (CACSA) was the longest running contemporary art space in Australia.

It was created by the young artists of the Contemporary Art Society (CAS) – itself dating back to 1942. These artists recognised the need for a space of their own to freely experiment and present work to the public. So in 1964, they purchased a four-bedroom villa at 14 Porter Street, Parkside, to convert into an art gallery.

When the Parkside property was sold in 2018, the proceeds were invested to establish the Porter Street Fund, which honours the vision of the CAS artists and the legacy of CACSA.

The fund supports South Australian artists through fellowships, professional development and prizes. It can also be used to support other projects by South Australian artists, at the discretion of the ACE Open board.

Clear constitutional guidelines – determining that 50% of revenue be reinvested and the remainder spent to support artists and art practice – ensure that the fund serves the community for whom ACE Open exists, and that it will benefit South Australian artists for decades to come.