From the archives: one of the many general meetings held to organise The Women's Show

26 August—16 September, 2017

FRAN FEST archival hub


ACE Front Room


Saturday 26 August, 5.30pm | Free

  • Wheelchair Access

With generational change, women’s histories can often be swept aside, left on the “scrap-heap of history” (Susan Faludi). But with the archival turn in feminism and art, these scrap-heaps become important sites of (re)discovery, revealing fragments or traces of forgotten narratives that when pierced together can disrupt established histories yielding other meanings, telling other stories.

Women artists who exhibited in 1977’s The Women’s Show have been invited to comb through their own ‘scrap-heaps’ and create their own archives from artefacts, objects, remnants and memories that recall The Women’s Show, the impact of feminism and their work and circumstances at the time.

Curated by
Jude Adams

Participating Artists
Olive Bishop
Margaret Dodd
Loene Furler
Anne Newmarch
Stephanie Radok
Helen Sherriff
Beverley Southcott

  • FRAN Fest