Hannah Brontë, 'Mother Lava' (2017), digital image. Courtesy the artist

Amrita Hepi, Dance Rites (2017), video still. Courtesy the artist

Nicole Monks, Mother (2017), video still, three channels. Courtesy the artist

2 June—13 July

On tour

Paola Balla
Ali Gumillya Baker
Hannah Brontë
Miriam Charlie
Amrita Hepi
Nicole Monks
Kaylene Whiskey


Koorie Heritage Trust
Levels 1 & 3, The Yarra Building
Federation Square
Melbourne, Victoria

Curated by Kimberley Moulton and Liz Nowell

Next Matriarch hosts a conversation between seven Aboriginal women who reflect the next wave of Sovereign female voices in Australian contemporary art.

Calling on the strength of women past, present and future, the exhibition presents new and recent photography, painting, video and installation works by leading artists from across Australia.

From Ancestral healing to the dystopia of modern society, the language of pop culture and the Sovereign female body as a carrier of children, resilience and knowledge, these works celebrate solidarity and sisterhood. This is the Next Matriarch.

Originally presented by ACE Open for the 2017 TARNANTHI: Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art, presented by the Art Gallery of South Australia in partnership with BHP and with support of the Government of South Australia.