ACAB collective, Deep Time Derby production still (2017). Courtesy the artists.

ACAB collective, Deep Time Derby production still (2017). Courtesy the artists.

29 July—19 August

ACAB collective (VIC)


ACE Across


Saturday 29 July, 5.30pm,
Featuring performance by JEM (Lauren Abineri) | Read more

  • Wheelchair Access

ACAB collective (VIC) return to Adelaide with their new installation Deep Time Derby, inviting audiences to move matter, pushing and pulling bags lighter than air as they traverse new landscapes of light, sound and space.

Reality isn’t a singular unfolding history. Rather, all possible alternative histories and futures are real. All the things we never do but could do, that never happen but could happen occur in adjacent universes. The old and the new are colliding, mutating matter to form a new ecology. With infinite universes and possibilities other worlds hold options for our survival. We are each comprised of seven billion billion billion particles which have a lifespan of at least 5 quintillion times the age of the universe. We find new forms of survival; beyond the sea of our own refuse a new world awaits.

ACAB collective (Zinzi Kennedy and Ben Johanson) are graduates from Monash University and based in Melbourne. Together they produce installations and sculptures that manipulate light whilst reinventing everyday materials. ACAB was recently showcased in a dLux Media Art even (Is This Art?) are part of the Spectrum Now Festival 2016, in the odradekAEAF at the Experimental Art Foundation in Adelaide 2015 and SafARI festival 2014. Their work has been won the Cooks River Alliance Small Sculpture Award as part of the GreenWay Art Prize 2015, second place in Sculpture in the Vineyards 2014 and the People’s Choice Award as part of the Substation Art Prize 2012.