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Tuesday 31 August - Saturday 4 September

Experience Matt Huppatz Dreamachine21, presented by Illuminate Adelaide and ACE Open


11-4pm daily


ACE Open



  • Wheelchair Access

Contemporary artist Matt Huppatz will continue his exploration of altered states by re-creating the legendary ‘Dreamachine,’ first invented in 1962 by artist Brion Gysin (collaborator of William S. Burroughs) and mathematician Ian Sommerville (Burroughs’s “systems adviser”). This strobic light device purportedly induces dream-like visions in the mind’s eye of “viewers,” who watch with eyes closed.

Gysin promoted the ‘Dreamachine’ as a technology of liberation, with the potential to replace both television and recreational drugs. The spinning cylinder of the device creates a flickering effect that mimics the brain’s alpha waves and triggers a “threshold consciousness” like that experienced in the transition from wakefulness to sleep.

Huppatz will draw on his own historical research, and a plethora of DIY YouTube videos, to build a communal machine for a new generation of psychonauts. You are invited to make yourself comfortable in the gallery, settle back, close your eyes, and experience the old/new world that the ‘Dreamachine’ has to offer.

DISCLAIMER: The ‘Dreamachine’ produces a stroboscopic effect that may be dangerous for people with photosensitive epilepsy or other nervous disorders.



Presented by ACE Open and Illuminate Adelaide.