Saturday 6 October, 12.30pm-2pm

Jason Phu (NSW)
Toby Chapman


$20 Full, $15 ACE Associate/Concession


ACE Open Front Room

  • Wheelchair Access

“The undifferentiated soup of primordial chaos. As it begins to differentiate, dumpling-blobs of matter coalesce… With the evolution of human consciousness and reflectiveness, the soup would have been adopted as a suitable metaphor for chaos.”
Victor H Mair, Introduction and Notes for a Complete Translation of the Chuang Tzu, Sino-Platonic Papers

Over bowls of steaming wonton soup, tea and lager, join exhibiting artist Jason Phu and ACE Open curator Toby Chapman for lunch and conversation. Inspired by the ontological potential of the humble wonton, the discussion will focus on how mythology, mistranslation and humour present within Phu’s immersive exhibition my parents met at the fish market.

Jason Phu’s work explores his cultural upbringing in a Chinese/Vietnamese household with Buddhist, Daoist and traditional Chinese culture while growing up in Australia. His conceptual interests include diasporic culture & history of Chinese Australians, Daoist religious practices, Buddhist temples, Chinese Folk Tales, Orientalist attitudes towards Asiatic religions and the ‘New Ink’ movement (contemporary Chinese Painting and Calligraphy) in China.

Phu graduated from COFA with honours in 2011. He has undertaken residencies at CAFA (Beijing), NSCAD (Nova Scotia), DAC Studios (Chongqing), CAP Studio (Chiang Mai) and Organhaus (Chongqing). Jason has presented numerous solo exhibitions across Australia, including at Nicholas Projects, CCAS Gorman Arts Centre, Alaska Projects and Ray Hughes Gallery. In 2015 he won the Sulman Prize and received a Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship, which has allowed him to base his practice between China, Thailand and Australia. In 2017 he was a finalist in the Ramsay Art Prize, presented new work as part of Underbelly Arts Festival and is a finalist of the NSW Visual Arts Fellowship (Emerging). Jason is represented by Alaska Projects.