Hen Vaughan

Francesca Da Rimini

Melinda Rackham

Wednesday 10 November, 6-8pm

Join us over two consecutive Wednesday evenings for a series of performances from 6 local artists platforming live and time-based artworks. 


Melinda Rackham
Francesca da Rimini
Hen Vaughan


Grace Marlow




ACE Open front room



  • Wheelchair Access

If you would like to attend and have access needs please contact grace@aceopen.art

Slip of the tongue: a series of text and language based interventions

Follow that Feeling is a series of performances in ACE Open’s front room over two evenings, addressing modes of improvisation and experimentation through form and process.

Invited artists span disciplines from sound art to writing, and have been encouraged to think through improvisation as a guiding prompt for working: How might we think about improvisation as a subversive tool in a world that prioritises rationality and logic? How might improvisation be a pedagogic strategy, a way of valuing intuitive felt responses to the world? Can improvisation be thought of as a feminist methodology?


Dr Francesca da Rimini (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and performer who lives on the unceded land of the Kaurna people in South Australia. She has investigated the potential of digital and internet platforms since the early 1990s and is a founding member of the art collectives VNS Matrix, identity_runners and In Her Interior. Her practice oscillates between solo and collaborative, analogue and digital. From twigs, stones, chalk and twine to video, MOOS, Etherpad and zines. Her numerous online and installation artworks return to madness, gender, sexuality, power and the prophetic voice like a wound that keeps bleeding. The international award-winning dollspace (1997) remains a touchstone in the electronic literature field. Francesca is currently working on a literary memoir.

Melinda Rackham (she/they) lives and works on Kaurna Yarta /Adelaide Plains. When the internet was young she wove interactive tales of intimacy and identity in award winning web narratives, coding Virtual Reality worlds and founding the academic, artistic and critical curatorial platform -empyre-. As ACMI’s 1st Networked Art curator Melinda introduced audiences to emerging artforms; developed Art+Science programs at Royal Institution of Australia; and led ANAT in expansive experimental programming. They have participated as an artist, curator and academic in Conferences, Biennales and Festivals including Ars Electronica, Documenta and ISEA and their texts critique the worlds of art, artists, feminisms and social justice. Currently Adjunct Research Professor at University of South Australia, her 3rd book CoUNTess: Spoiling Illusions since 2008 (with Elvis Richardson) explores the artworld’s embedded gender inequity, while Rackham’s #remakemistresses parodies 30 contemporary Australian female artists on Instagram, scrutinising museological exclusion of women.

Hen Vaughan  is an interdisciplinary artist and writer living and working on unceded Kaurna Yarta. Their many interests include walking practices, counter-geographies and nursing rituals woven into live and site-responsive artworks. Hen has produced and collaborated locally and nationally on performances, workshops, walking tours, publications, arts programs and live events.

Grace Marlow is an artist, poet and arts worker practicing on Kaurna Country. Grace’s hybrid artist/programmer practice is concerned with finding feminist and queer languages of pleasure and care as a disruptive anti-capitalist methodology, particularly through the prioritisation of collaborative methods of working, making and thinking.  Grace is currently undertaking a Carclew Fellowship with mentorship from Lauren Bakst and SJ Norman, and has established PURR, a series of curated live arts events operating from their home. Grace graduated from the Adelaide Central School of Art in 2016. Grace was a co-director at artist-run initiative Sister Gallery (2017-2019), Schools and Education Officer for SALA Festival (2019), and is currently the Public Programs Coordinator at ACE Open. 

Follow that Feeling has been developed as part of a Carclew Fellowship awarded to Grace Marlow to focus on curatorial live arts programming and is supported by the City of Adelaide.