Aly Bennett


Shruiken Cell

Wednesday 3 November, 6-8pm

Join us over two consecutive Wednesday evenings for a series of performances from 6 local artists platforming live and time-based artworks. 


Aly Bennett


Shuriken Cell


Grace Marlow




ACE Open front room



  • Wheelchair Access

If you would like to attend and have access needs please contact

This event will be loud. Ear plugs will be available.

Sirens calling: a series of sound and moving image based interventions

Follow that Feeling is a series of performances in ACE Open’s front room over two evenings, addressing modes of improvisation and experimentation through form and process.

Invited artists span disciplines from sound art to writing, and have been encouraged to think through improvisation as a guiding prompt for working: How might we think about improvisation as a subversive tool in a world that prioritises rationality and logic? How might improvisation be a pedagogic strategy, a way of valuing intuitive felt responses to the world? Can improvisation be thought of as a feminist methodology?


Aly Bennett is a multidisciplinary artist based on Kaurna Yarta. Their works spans community social practice, relational performance, installation, sculpture, video and sound.  Informed by ideas of autonomy, self-sustaining communities and non-institutional learning, Bennett’s practice investigates concepts surrounding surveillance, public and private space, and re-distribution of class and power. Bennett’s improvised performance uses sound and repurposed visuals to respond to issues devised by oppressive systems of control.

Cortex (Sam Timmins) is a techno queer goth poet musician DJ, based on Kaurna Yarta. You can find Cortex mixing a curation of 90’s jungle, dnb, and modern experimental electronic with sexy sax improv at various clubs and underground spaces. Cortex creates sound art and music inspired from personal taste and the world around them, sewn together with a political motivation to queer space and time through dance and sound. You can find their profile and personal work here

Shuriken Cell is a digital hardcore project by Ashton (they/them) featuring harsh rave music paired with raw screamed vocals. Their intention is to attack misogyny and highlight the importance of brutal anarchist feminist politics, while also heavily addressing mental health.

Grace Marlow is an artist, poet and arts worker practicing on Kaurna Country. Grace’s hybrid artist/programmer practice is concerned with finding feminist and queer languages of pleasure and care as a disruptive anti-capitalist methodology, particularly through the prioritisation of collaborative methods of working, making and thinking.  Grace is currently undertaking a Carclew Fellowship with mentorship from Lauren Bakst and SJ Norman, and has established PURR, a series of curated live arts events operating from their home. Grace graduated from the Adelaide Central School of Art in 2016. Grace was a co-director at artist-run initiative Sister Gallery (2017-2019), Schools and Education Officer for SALA Festival (2019), and is currently the Public Programs Coordinator at ACE Open. 

Follow that Feeling has been developed as part of a Carclew Fellowship awarded to Grace Marlow to focus on curatorial live arts programming and is supported by the City of Adelaide.