Image inset: fine print LIVE—an IRL intervention, ACE Open, October 2020. Photography by Thomas McCammon.

Thursday 15 April 2021

In collaboration with the curators of The Image is not Nothing (Concrete Archives), fine print magazine presents READING CIRCLES (1/2).


Thursday 15 April 2021




ACE Open gallery

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  • Wheelchair Access

In collaboration with the curators of The image is not nothing (Concrete Archives), fine print magazine will present READING CIRCLES—a series of performative reading/speaking/listening sessions transliterating the ideas, research and artworks which sit in absentia to this exhibition yet have greatly influenced its formation. Utilising site, memory, body and language READING CIRCLES invites extended analysis and dialogue that speaks and attunes to the connections between research and artwork.


Artist Tino Seghal once stated that ‘the objective of this work is to become the object of a discussion’. fine print too believes in the power of discussion and the structures of listening. READING CIRCLES will explore the act of storytelling; the way text, language and sound inform the experience of art. With a collaborative spirit, fine print seeks to cultivate space for open dialogue around some of the key ideas in contemporary art practice. This dynamic and potent moment between an artist, an artwork, and the audience forms part of fine print’s ongoing line of enquiry—can transcription illicit a new and necessary narrative around artmaking and meaning?

In two live sessions (15 & 17 April) to be held in the exhibition spaces of ACE Open audiences will witness newly commissioned responsive works based on the curators extensive research. Focussing on Sidney Nolan’s painting Central Desert: Atomic Test (1952–57) writers will expand and experiment with story-telling through written, performative and discursive forms. fine print’s second session will explore video artist, Nina Katchadourian’s work Accent Elimination (2005) reimagined through the lens of the body, language and site. From fine print’s online base, a third offering from Japanese artists, Tadasu Takamine and collective ChimPom will present a suite of works reconsidered on the tenth anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Contributing artists include: Lur Alghurabi (SA), Eric Avery (NSW), Dominic Guerrera (SA), Rosie Isaac (VIC), Melanie Pryor (SA), Autumn Royal (SA), Iran Sanadzadeh (SA), and Marlee Silva (NSW), Chim↑Pom (JPN), Tadasu Takamine (JPN), and Marcus Whale (NSW).