Susie Fraser, 'Stories from the Interior' (still) (1999), single-channel video. Courtesy the artist.

Frances Barrett. Photo: Andrew McLellan

Toby Chapman. Photo: Jessica Clark

Saturday 7 July, 1pm-3.30pm

Frances Barrett (co-curator)
Toby Chapman (co-curator)
Lonelyspeck (SA)
Grace Marlow (SA)
Kate Power and
Susie Fraser (SA)



  • Wheelchair Access

Be embraced by a series of live performances and actions that draw audiences together to collectively experience sensations of intimacy, care, healing and support.

As an extension of Into My Arms, ACE Open presents a discussion and live performance program that invites audiences to consider ‘the embrace’ as a performative gesture.

1pm In Conversation: Frances Barrett and Toby Chapman
Join co-curators of Into My Arms Frances Barrett and Toby Chapman as they discuss their previous projects, the ongoing imbrication of performance, curatorial friendship and modes of collaboration.

1.30pm Kate Power and Susie Fraser, ‘Stories from the Interior… Em/brace’ (2018)
Kate Power and Susie Fraser’s collaborative project, Stories from the Interior…Em/brace (2018), is a supportive conversational process that allows both artists to lean on one another for their respective needs. The process embraces healing rituals, resilience and the constructive power of uncertainty in order to encourage new ways of working toward momentum and sustainability in their practices.

2:15 Roundtable: Lonelyspeck, Grace Marlow and Kate Power and Susie Fraser
Frances Barrett and Toby Chapman will be joined for an intimate conversation with Lonelyspeck, Grace Marlow, Kate Power and Susie Fraser. Centred around the diverse practices of these South Australia artists, this panel will elaborate on each of their responses to developing new work around the notion of an ’embrace’ and focus on the performativity inherent to each of the artists practices.